About Us


We are an optimum performance team made up of the world’s leading training specialists with decades of experience in:

  • Elite Military Training
  • Commercial Aviation
  • The World of Adventure and Exploration
  • Global Thought Leaders in Business and Beyond

This combined training expertise is unique and inaccessible anywhere else in the world.

MP Performance was established to assist companies by providing their people with the best possible training available. After being approached several times for solutions in this space, we conducted our own analysis of what was available globally. It was clear that this industry was in need of serious disruption due to a high failure rate in training programmes and lack of long lasting results.

We dug deeper into all the reasons why “leadership programmes” fail and came up with practical solutions for each one. We then built the whole foundation of the business on these solutions while remaining flexible enough to adapt to change going forward. What doesn’t change though is the fundamentals which is why these are our core areas we focus and deliver on.

For too long the corporate and leadership development sector has been far too slow to adapt to the exponential change we are experiencing. People are increasingly lacking key leadership and interpersonal skills which are not being developed through the education system leaving it to companies and CEOs to find a solution. This is a huge challenge and will continue to be so in the future.

We give companies the tool kit to effectively develop their people and lay the foundations for the next cadre of business leaders and C-suite individuals. We want to challenge the current ‘ok’ and ‘average’ training experiences. We will do this by getting your people in front of the highest quality trainers in the world set in the most stimulating and challenging environments possible.

While the limitations of indoor training are well documented, the current outdoor training model is need of an overhaul. Employees leave for the “great outdoors” often returning inspired, renewed and reinvigorated only for the old mindsets and workplace cultures to creep back in weeks later and with it any potential progress lost. It is for this reason we focus on synchronising the best of both worlds, both indoor and outdoor, to produce long term results back at the office.

With our unique and varied backgrounds, we, as the founders (Matt and Alex) realised we could help by providing unparalleled training solutions. We have leveraged our access to several of the world’s elite professions and incorporated their best practices into relevant and practical training packages which allow us to deliver bespoke solutions.