“Early leadership experience can be very valuable. Selective colleges screen for demonstrated leadership experience, and studies have found that people with school leadership experience are paid up to 33% more than those without it.” ​​

(Harvard Business Review)

By harnessing the combined experience and expertise of our whole team, we aim to develop your students and equip them with the key skills required in today’s rapidly changing world.

We focus on positive education and students well being by enhancing the following: 

  • – Personal Agency
    – Critical Thinking
    – Problem Solving

    – Leadership
    – Teamwork
    – Responsibility and Resilience
    – Adaptability and Innovation
    – Communication Skills
    – Character Building
    – Confidence

  • Our methodology is the same as MP Performance but just tailored for younger people, explained in more detail here
  • Our courses directly complement your current academic syllabus while enhancing your outdoor education programme. We provide the choice for students that will fundamentally contribute towards their future success at the University of their choice and beyond. 
    – Risk Assessment 
  • World’s Best Training Practices (Ex British Military)
    Distilled from the world’s best training practices, supported by hundreds of years of proven results in the most dynamic and high pressure environments – all delivered to the highest standards of safety.
  • Accredited Training
    The training directly enhances academic performance and contributes towards forming more well-rounded students. The credits earned can be directly used towards University applications giving your students the competitive edge required in today’s interconnected world.
  • Environmental Conservation and Community Service (Community Projects)
    Helping students give back to the community, learn more about the world they live in and realise the impact they can have.