Commercial Aviation

Our team consists of Pilots from all walks of life who have lived and worked all over the planet with experience on every continent. This industry is one of the most heavily regulated in the world where safety is paramount.  With access to the latest training philosophies and methodologies we are able to transfer best practices to your business and your people in a relevant manner. With thousands of flights and simulator sessions safely completed we have extensive experience with how to get the best out of people in dynamic and high pressure environments.

Commercial aviation involves working with different people from all cultures and societies with one aim – to get the job done safely and efficiently. This involves resolving complex multi-layered problems often working at the back end of the clock to find the best possible solution. There’s countless scenarios that can occur in aviation, many of which are not in a manual or have even been conceived before. This means the onus is very much on the flight crew to operate safely in high pressure situations where the consequences of mistakes can be catastrophic.